Thursday, May 8, 2014


  I stopped blogging because I stopped biking, I stopped biking because I broke my right ring finger.
 That was almost 2 years ago.

Holy smokes - where did that time go?
Did anyone notice i took a hiatus?
 I've totally stopped cycling to work,  I have some great excuses.
But the only excuse I use is:  the broken finger..
Everyone asks how did i break my finger? A bike?
No - it was a horse.
The horse was so excited to be going outside,  that while I was taking his lead rope off, he bolted, taking  my finger with him.
(I'm lucky it wasn't ripped off my hand.)
I thought my finger was just dislocated,  so  i snapped it back into place.   it made a weird squishy noise when i did that.
My finger continued to throb and hurt like hell, and i just needed something to protect it,  like a splint.
 So I went to the doc's just to get a finger splint and oops, it was broken. What's with that?
 The doctor said i did a good job putting it back in place but it will always be a bit crooked.
A bit crooked? Its so bent and crooked, it's like the witch's finger in Hanzel & Gretel.

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