Tuesday, September 4, 2012


So listen to this,  one reader says he/she is a fellow bike commuter and he/she gripped to me that I'm ruining it for every single bike commuter everywhere because of that one time I went through a red light in Quincy and the heavy mad guy sputtered something thought provoking in my direction. 
 The reader sarcastically thanked me for ruining it for every single person who rides a bike in traffic especially him/her.  That's a bit harsh isn't it?
 I can only say, that reader rider must find it a great comfort to know that he or she goes by all the road rules. He or she must stop at every stop sign,  whether a car is there or not and stand with his /her bike and look both ways before proceeding. That's good because his/her action will offset my action. Ying-Yang. 
 Now I 'm not sure where that person rides but it can't be anywhere on 3A, because he/she would know that it is much safer for the bike rider to keep going than to stop and go. If you end up riding behind those automobile drivers, you will be squeezed  into the potholes on the side of the road on onto the sidewalk where the pedestrians are.   
Always safety first, so I don't mean zip out of nowhere like bike messengers do.  I mean the careful thought out ride.  Look all ways, in every direction,  make sure its absolutely safe, before proceeding. 
So to that upset person,  I apologize for ruining his riding and their life.  Because that's what he implied that I have ruined it for everyone.    

 As life threatening as cycling home is especially through Quincy and Weymouth, I wear a lime green/yellow neon light reflecting vest that I leave unbuttoned so that it flies like a flag on me as  I'm pedaling my legs off.   How can people not see me with that thing on?  
 But I don't think it's seeing me that is the problem, I think most drivers do see me,  they just hate to see bike riders on the road.   
I saw an old man on his bike and he had a bright orange neon x large tee shirt with giant black block letters on the back of his shirt that read " can you see me now asshole". He must have been about 70 years old. Good for him, he probably got that shirt as a gift from a loved one for Christmas or his  birthday. But bad for him because he wasn't wearing a helmet.  

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