Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I cycled to work monday morning.  That being yesterday.  I almost ripped my brakes off because I didn't use them once on the 26 mile ride in.  
That lady I "tapped" bumpers with in traffic ( See 9/6/12 blog: Will the Neponset River Bridge ever be finished?) filed an insurance claim against me and I pedaled to work with angry alacrity,  looking for her and her white jeep the whole way in.
 God is indeed good because if I had found her I would have thrown my bike at her perfect white Jeep and started a fist fight and pulled her hair. 

Lucky for her I didn't see her on the roads and more so, lucky for me. 
Anyway... so,  I cycled  at breakneck speed on anger energy, stopping for no one. I was riding on-sidewalks in Quincy,  I was passing buses on the outside, People were jumping out of my way,  traffic cops were holding back the traffic as I sped through the intersections.  My lungs were going to explode and I could taste blood in my mouth.  It was the best commute ever! 
By the the time I reached  D Street in Southie I was singing "smoke on the water" by Deep Purple.  

 If I could only have that energy every day.  

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  1. Hello! I'm a multimedia journalist for the Boston Herald, and I'm working on a story about crazy commutes around the city. You seem like the perfect person to interview! Send me an email at katie.eastman@bostonherald.com if you're interested!