Thursday, September 20, 2012


A woman with a Doberman was walking down a tiny side street in Port Norfork. 
 I was riding behind her quietly on my stealth-like bike.
  I announced "behind you". 

She kept walking with the giant vicious looking dog on leash .
" Excuse me I'm behind you,  coming behind you".  

Still  no response.
" Excuse me, Woman with the dog, I'm coming behind"
She finally responded,   annoyed as hell of course, "I know I heard you."   (OMG, I thought, she is so flip) 
I said  to her still patient,  " I didn't want your dog to  attack me" as I pedaled passed her and her dog.
Still unreasonably annoyed at me, she said "it's not my dog".  
If I wasn't afraid of that dog and i wasn't such a nice person, I could have got into a tussle with her just from her attitude alone. 
Where's the kindness?  

And of course, that Port Rat was smoking a butt.

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