Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Today is Tuesday.  Oh man.  I woke up this morning and  my entire  body was work-out sore..
It was like I partied hard or something and my first waking thought was "What did I do to myself?"
 Then I remembered:  I cycled to and from work yesterday. Holy Cow.  Yesterday I cycled over 50 miles.
For the first time I cycled to work.
I started off, heading for the commuter boat and it was much less humid than it has been,  that I decided to ride  all the way to work.
Riding to work  was way scarier than riding home.
 The morning cars go twice as fast as the evening ones.
"Morning Rush Hour", they are not kidding.. And they drive so close.
Not too bad time wise.
 I decided that Mayor Menino is right. Boston is a world class bike riding city. That is, if you compare it to Quincy and Weymouth...
Even the Asian people who live in Quincy are afraid to cycle there.  Forget  about Weymouth, you don't even see people walking on sidewalks in Weymouth.
Everyone drives and they hate people who don't.
By cycling in and out to work,  I didn't spend one cent on commuting.
 But I'm not ready to do that every day yet.   I drove in today.


  1. Thanks, enjoyed your post. I called the office of Robert Hedlund here in Hingham to bring his attention to the difficulties of cycling in "tranquil" Hingham. Rte 3A between the Antique Auction house and Starbucks is impassable and impossible for either cyclists or pedestrians. I asked him if he knew that MA claims to by bicycle friendly and yet there are many places - such as the bridge between Hingham and Weymouth on 3A (again) which are deadly dangerous to cyclists. He will look into it. Note to self: follow up.

  2. Agreed about Weymouth and Quincy. I thought it would be fun to ride down to Wompatuck State Park from Brighton, and 3A through Weymouth and Quincy was a little slice of hell. Wound up walking on the sidewalk for quite a few miles.

    It's a shame, as there's a ton of nice coves, beaches, and even a boardwalk along there, but they're connected by this brutal, hellish highway.

    Best of luck riding in Southie! You're braver than I.