Thursday, August 2, 2012


The best part of my 26 mile bike ride home to Hingham is riding the last part of my Dorchester leg of my journey.
 I get to go on the Neponset River Trail. A true bike trail.
  I think the Neponset River Trail was developed while Tommy Finneran was Speaker of the a House. One of the best things he did.

The trail starts down behind Phillips Candy Store and ends in East Milton.
It is so cool along the Neponset River and its safe riding.
This is the beginning of the Neponset River Trail, also the beginning of Teanan Beach.
Pretty,  huh?
 That's the expressway above.

So, I'm cycling past Tenean Beach, and I'm wondering how many  bodies are buried there?
 They dug up one, maybe two people on that beach from the old southie gangsta day's.
 But, growing up i heard rumors that that's where they buried people who OD'd.  I couldn't help to think " I wonder if those people on the beach know they maybe on top of some poor old soul?"
Regardless,  that section of my ride is the best.  Unfortunately,  its not even a mile ride for me,  because I get off at the Upstairs Downstairs Club and ride over the bridge to Quincy, my most dangerous leg of my journey.
Tenean back in the hay day.
 Now there maybe be just one or two people on the beach.


  1. I copied this to OFD - hopefully the folks who read the Dorchester posts will get a kick out of your take on the commute through the old 'hood.

  2. that is definitely NOT tenean beach in its heydey - it's more like a picture of tenean beach on a winter swim. I can tell you tenean beach was never that crowed unless it was in the 70s and it was a special beach day with races and pony rides and it would have been lots of kids! those days were great, cuz everyone got a trophy or a ribbon even if you cheated. boys used to jump off the roof of the building in the back ground, and you could still get hoodsies from seymours icecream. That was before everyone realized we were swimming in shit & piss. Oh those were the days.