Monday, August 13, 2012


 Its Monday again and I fretted about how i was going to get to work today.
 I don't think I can get on my bike.  The thought of it is killing me.  Its too much.  Even just the thought of riding to the commuter boat is too much.
I'm taking a long time to recover from all the riding i'm doing,  I'm built like a fire plug and  I'm bulked out like an Olympic athlete from the biking, except I have a layer of fat over the muscles. Nice.
I can only think,  if biking was  the only way I got around,  I would be screwed.
I just can't ride today and I decided to drive in and park a mile and 1/2 away from my office.  So, I'm driving around at 7:30am,  looking for a spot on 1st Street in Southie and i'm wondering why is one side of the street completely empty, why isn't anyone parked there?
OH the signs say "No Parking Street Cleaning Mondays" -  Wow they do street cleaning?  I don't think I've seen a street cleaning machine in years.
They actually should do sidewalk cleaning and clean up all the trash on the sidewalks. The empty Dunkie cups, the empty ciggie butt packs, the loser lottery tickets, already scratched and pitched and don't forget the occasional syringe that you can find on the sidewalk down here on E or D streets.
I parked across the street where the sign said "Street Cleaning on Fridays.  And I walked and walked and I noticed 4 cops getting out of cruisers.  I think they were going to ticket up and down the street.   I'm going to have to take my bike tomorrow.

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