Monday, August 27, 2012


I switched bikes today.  I couldn't do the mountain bike one more day, the thought of it; it's so heavy and slow.  I’m sick of other bikers passing me and watching them disappear up ahead in traffic because they're going at a good clip on road bikes.  
But of course nothing is free or easy and I had to gear up my Dolce Specialized to make it commuter friendly.  So I spent $24 on a new lighter lock, $30 for a light rear rack to haul my clothes and other stuff to work.  That was a quick $54.
Plus, I could count the new $50 bike bag that fell off my bike unnoticed and lost 2 weeks ago.   That's a total of $104. on bike expenses in a little under two weeks.   For that amount I could park hassle free for half a month.   I'm not paying for parking,  it’s the principle, I refuse to pay for parking.  
I keep asking myself, how am I saving?  I don't have a clue. 
I guess the only thing I am saving is my sanity (and that’s debatable) by not driving around looking for a parking space.

Here,  I would like to express a serious moment of silence for that poor fellow bike commuter in Wellesley who was killed last Friday. 
 Its obvious that biking is a dangerous way to get around because, despite what the local politicians say,  Massachusetts is not bike friendly.
The only way to improve bike commuting is to elect a politician who actually commutes by bike.  And that’s not going to happen because here in Massachusetts if you go any other way beside cars, the locals think you are a dink. 

Ghost Bike in New York.  We'll have them here soon.  
 In Memory of Alex Motsenigos, killed bike riding in Wellesley by a hit and run  Friday August 24 at 2 in the afternoon.


  1. "I keep asking myself, how am I saving? I don't have a clue."

    Your calculation leaves out the 880 miles of gas you need for a month of commuting 22 miles each way, as well as the maintenance and depreciation.

    If you use the standard IRS calculation of 33 cents a mile for gas, depreciation, maintenance, etc: $290 in vehicle expenses a month, plus $100 in parking. That means you're $285 ahead if you keep this up for the month..and we're not even counting the fact that you're buying semi-durable goods with the money you've spent - not gas, so there's value in the stuff you bought. A good pannier bag will last for years.

    Also, call your insurance company and tell them you no longer commute to work by car. Badabing, discount! (check with them, but I think it's still ok to commute by car a few days a month and get the discount.)

    Lastly: don't forget that you can take a folding bike on the train! That's another option for you if you like...ride the bike to the train station, then ride from south station to work!