Thursday, August 23, 2012


I've been driving in most of this week because its the last week in August and I think that most people are on vacation.
There have been plenty of parking spots a mile away. So what if its a 15 minute walk to the office from my car? So what that I'm late because of the distance?   I'm not that late.  I'm averaging about 15 minutes late everyday.
 But its been so beautiful out there I took some very nice nature photos of geese in Southie.
I don't know if these geese are just passing through or if they found a nice home for awhile.

See that white truck waaaay in the background?  That little bit of shiny white next to it is my car.
Canadian Geese in South Boston

They must realize that the fence is protecting them from Goose killers

What a beautiful end of summer day and to get a glimpse of nature ... what a way to start a  day.
 A Co-worker saw me walking way down here and gave me a ride to the office.
 I refuse to pay for parking. I need that money for horse back riding.


  1. Those geese are gathering for a game of old-tyme baseball!

  2. They're actually called Canada Geese. Not Canadian Geese.