Tuesday, August 28, 2012


By taking my lighter road bike I shaved off 20 minutes from my commute home yesterday.
But I'll tell you, it was hinky scary.
 I couldn't ride on sidewalks or in dirt or grass so I had to stick to the main roads with the cars and it was a busy, busy rush hour.
I screamed the whole way, going over that little Morrissey Blvd draw bridge with the cars riding along side me.  That draw bridge has about 10 to 12 feet of steel bumpy grate  that you can see the water down below if  you dare look down.
I'm starting to think that drivers in cars drive past you and then suddenly  forget about you because they drive ahead of you in bumper to bumper traffic and move closer and closer to the curbs, squeezing bikers off the roads.

I didn't get to go through my usually route through the beautiful Tenean Beach one of Dorchester's beaches. (See Tenean Beach blog)
 I went Morrissey Blvd. to Neponset River Bridge, no off-road.  And no bike paths because they're aren't any "bike paths".  Not where I rode.  It was exciting.

At Neponset Circle while waiting for the light to turn green, I met a young guy who was running his commute home.  He had his back pack on and we struck up a conversation.  He was running from Brookline to Quincy and then  he said he takes the Quincy train to Braintree where his car is and then a 45 minute drive home.  "Wow" i thought, "he looks really pale with dark circles under his eyes."
 He said it was his way of getting his exercise in for the day.  I don't know how healthy running all  that is but people are doing all kinds of things to help the commute to work.
And he and I both agreed that the drivers are maniacs not to be trusted.

Monday, August 27, 2012


I switched bikes today.  I couldn't do the mountain bike one more day, the thought of it; it's so heavy and slow.  I’m sick of other bikers passing me and watching them disappear up ahead in traffic because they're going at a good clip on road bikes.  
But of course nothing is free or easy and I had to gear up my Dolce Specialized to make it commuter friendly.  So I spent $24 on a new lighter lock, $30 for a light rear rack to haul my clothes and other stuff to work.  That was a quick $54.
Plus, I could count the new $50 bike bag that fell off my bike unnoticed and lost 2 weeks ago.   That's a total of $104. on bike expenses in a little under two weeks.   For that amount I could park hassle free for half a month.   I'm not paying for parking,  it’s the principle, I refuse to pay for parking.  
I keep asking myself, how am I saving?  I don't have a clue. 
I guess the only thing I am saving is my sanity (and that’s debatable) by not driving around looking for a parking space.

Here,  I would like to express a serious moment of silence for that poor fellow bike commuter in Wellesley who was killed last Friday. 
 Its obvious that biking is a dangerous way to get around because, despite what the local politicians say,  Massachusetts is not bike friendly.
The only way to improve bike commuting is to elect a politician who actually commutes by bike.  And that’s not going to happen because here in Massachusetts if you go any other way beside cars, the locals think you are a dink. 

Ghost Bike in New York.  We'll have them here soon.  
 In Memory of Alex Motsenigos, killed bike riding in Wellesley by a hit and run  Friday August 24 at 2 in the afternoon.

Thursday, August 23, 2012


I've been driving in most of this week because its the last week in August and I think that most people are on vacation.
There have been plenty of parking spots a mile away. So what if its a 15 minute walk to the office from my car? So what that I'm late because of the distance?   I'm not that late.  I'm averaging about 15 minutes late everyday.
 But its been so beautiful out there I took some very nice nature photos of geese in Southie.
I don't know if these geese are just passing through or if they found a nice home for awhile.

See that white truck waaaay in the background?  That little bit of shiny white next to it is my car.
Canadian Geese in South Boston

They must realize that the fence is protecting them from Goose killers

What a beautiful end of summer day and to get a glimpse of nature ... what a way to start a  day.
 A Co-worker saw me walking way down here and gave me a ride to the office.
 I refuse to pay for parking. I need that money for horse back riding.

Monday, August 20, 2012


Biking home. 
It's pretty cool cycling past parked cars  and  their windows  are open and people are sitting in them  talking.
 I get snippets of their conversations and I glance into the cars and catch glimpses of them as i pedal by.
Sometimes I think the people are holding hands, sometimes they appear to be doing more than that in the cars.
Every once in awhile I cycle by and i think its a drug deal going on.

(Picture to come later..)

Thursday, August 16, 2012


I took my bike on the Hingham commuter boat this morning, What a glorious way to go to work.  Sun, breeze, the smell of the sea..
I took this picture of  a plane landing at Logan Airport from the boat.

I have an OFD friend who used to take his motor boat to the edge of the runway, get out of his boat,  stand on the runway, pull his pants down and moon the pilots when they were coming in for landings.
Then he would see the sirens coming and he would hop back in his boat and take off. He never got caught.

That was the good old days with good clean American fun.
 Now if he did that he would be arrested and thrown in the clinker after a strip search of course.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Check out this weed, its as big as a tree. I should have stood in front of it to show how big it is.  This is not an abandoned building and it reaches the top of the building.   Its on E Street in Southie, near where I squeezed my car in between two SUV's.  I did not get a parking ticket probably because the cop couldn't squeeze between the cars to read my license plate numbers.

Here's a photo of a full length mirror someone abandoned in the patch of weeds next to the giant tree weed.  I thought it reminded me of the Caribbean,  Sunny and bright.

I had to take my bike today my boss needed Munchkins and coffee for his meeting.
 I picked up a box of Joe from Dunkin Donuts and 2 boxes of Munchkins. I managed all that on my bike. I'm getting good.

Monday, August 13, 2012


 Its Monday again and I fretted about how i was going to get to work today.
 I don't think I can get on my bike.  The thought of it is killing me.  Its too much.  Even just the thought of riding to the commuter boat is too much.
I'm taking a long time to recover from all the riding i'm doing,  I'm built like a fire plug and  I'm bulked out like an Olympic athlete from the biking, except I have a layer of fat over the muscles. Nice.
I can only think,  if biking was  the only way I got around,  I would be screwed.
I just can't ride today and I decided to drive in and park a mile and 1/2 away from my office.  So, I'm driving around at 7:30am,  looking for a spot on 1st Street in Southie and i'm wondering why is one side of the street completely empty, why isn't anyone parked there?
OH the signs say "No Parking Street Cleaning Mondays" -  Wow they do street cleaning?  I don't think I've seen a street cleaning machine in years.
They actually should do sidewalk cleaning and clean up all the trash on the sidewalks. The empty Dunkie cups, the empty ciggie butt packs, the loser lottery tickets, already scratched and pitched and don't forget the occasional syringe that you can find on the sidewalk down here on E or D streets.
I parked across the street where the sign said "Street Cleaning on Fridays.  And I walked and walked and I noticed 4 cops getting out of cruisers.  I think they were going to ticket up and down the street.   I'm going to have to take my bike tomorrow.

Thursday, August 9, 2012


I took it wicked easy the last two days and took the commuter boat in and back. The boat is real nice.  Relaxing.  I snoozed.  Its quiet and cool and smooth.
 I've been bike riding so much.  I felt like  I was hit with a baseball bat.
 I drove in early one day this week and I worked out in the gym.
There hasn't been much going on on the roads.  Its all the same. Crowded traffic.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Today is Tuesday.  Oh man.  I woke up this morning and  my entire  body was work-out sore..
It was like I partied hard or something and my first waking thought was "What did I do to myself?"
 Then I remembered:  I cycled to and from work yesterday. Holy Cow.  Yesterday I cycled over 50 miles.
For the first time I cycled to work.
I started off, heading for the commuter boat and it was much less humid than it has been,  that I decided to ride  all the way to work.
Riding to work  was way scarier than riding home.
 The morning cars go twice as fast as the evening ones.
"Morning Rush Hour", they are not kidding.. And they drive so close.
Not too bad time wise.
 I decided that Mayor Menino is right. Boston is a world class bike riding city. That is, if you compare it to Quincy and Weymouth...
Even the Asian people who live in Quincy are afraid to cycle there.  Forget  about Weymouth, you don't even see people walking on sidewalks in Weymouth.
Everyone drives and they hate people who don't.
By cycling in and out to work,  I didn't spend one cent on commuting.
 But I'm not ready to do that every day yet.   I drove in today.

Thursday, August 2, 2012


The best part of my 26 mile bike ride home to Hingham is riding the last part of my Dorchester leg of my journey.
 I get to go on the Neponset River Trail. A true bike trail.
  I think the Neponset River Trail was developed while Tommy Finneran was Speaker of the a House. One of the best things he did.

The trail starts down behind Phillips Candy Store and ends in East Milton.
It is so cool along the Neponset River and its safe riding.
This is the beginning of the Neponset River Trail, also the beginning of Teanan Beach.
Pretty,  huh?
 That's the expressway above.

So, I'm cycling past Tenean Beach, and I'm wondering how many  bodies are buried there?
 They dug up one, maybe two people on that beach from the old southie gangsta day's.
 But, growing up i heard rumors that that's where they buried people who OD'd.  I couldn't help to think " I wonder if those people on the beach know they maybe on top of some poor old soul?"
Regardless,  that section of my ride is the best.  Unfortunately,  its not even a mile ride for me,  because I get off at the Upstairs Downstairs Club and ride over the bridge to Quincy, my most dangerous leg of my journey.
Tenean back in the hay day.
 Now there maybe be just one or two people on the beach.