Tuesday, July 17, 2012


 Here is part of my Morrissey Blvd section of my bike route home in the "bike friendly city" of Boston.  The Dorchester section; Near UMass - Boston.
I'm thinking "they" (whoever they are)  don't give a rat's ass about Dorchester.  Dirty Dot is always the last on the list.  Unless you have a State Rep who is OFD.
Summers ago when I took the Ashmont train everyday to work,   I remember standing on the platform in Park St in the hot sweltry heat of the subway, a nice new Braintree train would pull in and open its doors, a rush of air conditioned air would spill out and felt so good. I couldn't wait to get on my Ashmont train just to cool off.  Well when that   Ashmont train  pulled in there wouldn't be any air conditioning in the train at all.  And it was always packed with all kinds of people just trying to get somewhere else.

So why should the Dorchester  "bike paths" be any different? 

This is a bike path?   It must be I see other people's tire  tracks there.

 Cycling at a good clip, head down, hoping to get through the rough terrain, I didn't quite make it.  I figure next time  I'll try going even faster. 
 I don't want to get off  walk my bike.
  You can't see it in these photos but there is a purple latex glove laying among the weeds.  There must have been an accident around here and the EMT left his purple glove behind with the rest of the trash.

Here is where you have to cross the street to continue on the bike path.  Notice its the Morrissey Blvd  exit from the expressway with cars coming down about 60.  Try this with kids.

Once  i make it past the rough patch and the expressway challenge i can then get on a nice bumpy sidewalk.  I can always ride on the street and risk getting killed there by motorists who hate bike riders.
It took me an hour and a half last night to cycle home.
 I think maybe because the head winds where equal to about an 8% incline on a treadmill and that rough terrain spill ate up some of my time.

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