Friday, July 20, 2012


I'm starting to like my commute home even in the oppressive heat.
By mile 10 or 11  I  have some sort of an outer body experience and  I'm not aware of my legs  pedaling anymore;  until I stop get off the bike and then I can hardly walk.  Pretty cool.

My phone got soaked in the Wednesday's flash storm, now I am out a cell phone. Whats that $100 to replace?   I was due for an upgrade anyway.

I drove in to work today for several reasons: 
1. because I have to get a new phone and stop at AT&T on my way home and;
2. I bought donuts for the office and couldn't carry them on my bike, and
 3. I lost out on that $8 from taking the commuter boat home.

I had to drive around for a half an hour looking for a parking spot this morning.  I couldn't find one so I parked in the visitor's lot. 
 I have to scurry out before two hours are up and move my car otherwise I'll have to pay for all day parking.   

  One more gripe... Can i just say that I have discovered that women drivers are the ones most unaware of bicyclists. 
 Women who drive their SUV's are also on cell phones and they don't look in any direction except forward.  They just drive.  I could be a child on a bike but they don't seem to realize there are others on the roads. 
Have a happy and fit weekend. 


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