Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Yesterday was a scorcha, today is going to be a scorcha and I hope its not going to be one tomorrow.
In  6 minutes from the boat at Rowes Wharf  to the office, my riding clothes were drenched from sweat.  Nice.  At least when I was coasting on my bike between all the construction trucks down in the Seaport District,  the warm air felt good against the sweat on my skin.
I haven't mentioned how much money I've spent so far this week on commuting and that's what this is about. Monday I bought 4 one way tickets on the commuter boat for $8.00 ea = $32.00.  Then I had to buy gas for my car because I needed it last night and that was $25.
But last week I didn't have to buy gas at all.
So did I save any money?  I have absolutely no idea.

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