Friday, July 13, 2012


Its finally Friday of my first week on Plan B.  I cycled home 26 miles every night this week except tuesday.
I spent $24. total on my commute this week. And I didn't have to  buy gas for my car.
Last night's ride home was filled with hot excitement.  It was about 90 degrees and busy.
On my Quincy leg of the journey, I had a small incident:
Every single block was a red light. Its a one lane busy street but everything was slow because of the red lights.  There was a truck with "Needle Brothers Landscaping" emblazoned on its side.   It was a huge oversize truck hauling an oversize trailer. Big and scary when your riding beside it.
  This Needle Brothers truck was on my left and it kept passing me and then stopping at a light, I would catch up and pass him, then he would catch up and pass me, I would pass him, he would pass me and so on for 5 blocks.
Every time he passed me and stopped at the light he would leave smaller and smaller space for me to cycle through.  He was squeezing me into the parked cars on my right and  I couldn't ride on the sidewalk because people in Quincy actually use sidewalks to walk on.
I know the truck driver saw me several blocks earlier because we made eye contact.
 I yelled "Hey, Needle Dink share the road."  Thank God his windows were rolled up.

See you Monday, have a good weekend.


  1. The truck driver and other drivers are more afraid of the person on the bike than you think. I still believing in driving into oncoming traffic you see whats coming and parked cars doors don't open unexpectedly. Ride safe. Your the Queen of the road go girl

  2. I give you props Barabara! I could never bike from work to Quincy. Too many crazy drivers to contend with. Funny I don't see too many bikers on my commute. You may be the ONLY one! lol