Thursday, July 19, 2012


It rained during last nights commute home, so badly that I had to take the commuter boat home.
 It hasn't rained like that since Noah. It poured straight down.
 There was thunder and lightening and tornado warnings and electricity out in hundreds of places.
I debated whether to ride home in it or not.  But then I thought there was no way I could ride for an hour in that mess. I would get soaked.
So I found a nice clean green trash bag and made a shirt out of it and went down and waited with the rest of the Hingham commuters for the ferry.
 These knuckleheads were  waiting for the boat's arrival on the metal ramp that leads to the  metal wharf were the boat dock. That's crazy. What if a bolt of lightening hit it?
 I could see it in the news, "20 people had to be rushed to the hospital when lightening struck the dock they were standing on."
 The fog on the water created a white out. 
 It was like a Twilight Zone episode, when the fog finally lifts we'll be transplanted on the boat  into some child's bathtub.  
So anyway, bottom line.. I'm out 8 bucks because I had to take the ferry home.
 I can make up for that financial loss by not eating food.

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  1. Good move on taking the commuter boat instead of 'drowning while biking'. Remember, please, that once one is soaked, that person cannot become more soaked.