Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Yesterday on my commute home some fat guy driving in the same direction as me yelled out at me from the comfort of his fat road-hogging SUV.
  I really didn't hear what he said, I  just heard "blah, blah, blah,  idiot".  
Taking my life in my hands, wondering if he had a gun on him and he would pull it out on me,  I pulled up next to him at the next red light and asked if he were talking to me.  
He started sputtering and yelling with his big fat mouth that bikes are suppose to stop at red lights. 
Now I know that,  and if it where a danger I would have stopped. 
But if he had ever been  on a bike he would know that its much easier to keep pedaling than it is to stop and then go. So when the coast is clear I keep going, always careful.  I'm the last person to want to get hurt.
The whole point of bike riding in traffic  is to try beat the traffic, not ride with it. 
He was a fat angry angry ugly dude. 
 I asked him why it bothered him so much what I did?  I wasn't near him or bothering him.  He didn't answer he just gassed it, I hope he wondered about why it did bother him so much.
Some people just don't like it when someone else gets away with something even if it is just a bike riding through a red light when there are no other cars around. It probably annoyed him that I got to go and he sat there at a red light. 
 Or maybe he has bigger issues at home.  Like, no one loves him.  He a fatso and an a-hole.


  1. I used to ride from Weymouth to downtown occasionally and the Morrissey stretch is terrifying. I got a lot of "Why don't you ride on the sidewalk?" comments. I loved when I'd get that stop light interaction to tell them that a bicycle was, by law, a vehicle and required to ride on streets (unless unsafe.) Funny stuff.

  2. I'm a bicycle commuter and I'll try and answer your question that you eloquently posed to the "fat angry angry ugly dude".

    You blowing through red lights doesn't bother me because you're "getting away with something". This behavior angers me because it sets a horrible example for OTHER bicyclists to follow. Out of all the close calls I've had bicycling through Boston/Cambridge, the most terrifying near-collision/incidents have all involved other bicyclists bending the rules for convenience. Imagine that?

    Drivers, bicyclists, and even pedestrians all depend on one another to be PREDICTABLE when sharing the road. By running that red light, you are saying to your fellow vehicle operators that you will pick and choose what traffic laws to obey according to your discretion. You are being unpredictable. The driver will probably wonder what other traffic rules you might decide to break and for what reasons. He probably stepped on the gas because he didn't want to be anywhere near you while driving. Why? He doesn't trust you to drive safely. I don't blame him. I certainly wouldn't want to be anywhere near a car, bicycle, or even a pedestrian who I noticed clearly wasn't obeying traffic laws.

    Also, that driver you pissed off won't just be pissed at you, he'll be pissed at and distrusting of bicyclists in general now. As a fellow bicyclist, I appreciate that. Thanks.

    Lastly, the point of riding in traffic isn't, "to try beat the traffic", as you put it. The point of riding in traffic is to safely, legally, and efficiently commute from A to B without injuring/killing yourself or somebody else.

    Please remember that your actions on a bicycle directly contribute to bicycling culture and the reputation of bicyclists everywhere. Ride safe.