Thursday, July 12, 2012


My daily job commute is 26 miles to the seaport District in Boston from the South Shore, Hingham.

I’ve been parking illegally in some other businesses’ lot for the last 8 months and I came out of work to find a note saying if I park there again I "will be towed."  
Bummer, they caught up to me.  It was a good run but now onto Plan B - How to get to work without paying for parking or paying as little as possible for my commute.

Today I have choices of ways to get to work. 
I could take the MBTA Ferry, MBTA Greenbush, MBTA bus and trains. 
Or I can take my car and take a chance on finding a parking space or just bite the bullet and pay for parking.  We’ll see. Starting tomorrow


Day 1 on Plan B – I took my mountain bike and loaded it up with necessities
I brought my work clothes and shoes, my work ID, money and my license in case I get into a horrific accident and they will be able to identify me.  I didn’t bring any lunch from home because it would take up too much space in my bike pack, therefore the money for lunch.
Heading for the Ferry was just a 5 minute cycle to the MBTA Commuter boat in Hingham from my house.  $8.00 one way.  $16.00 Round trip.  That’s $80 a week.  OMG it went up also by $30.00.  But if I take the boat I can save money on gas and parking. 
So I decided to buy a round trip to check it out and see how it goes.
The Ferry was great, I felt like a jelly fish by the time we pulled into Rowe’s Wharf.  I was so relaxed I could have gone back to sleep. 
My cycle to the office was 5 minutes.  Then I had to change my clothes and get to my desk. I was 15 minutes late.
I decided to cycle home.  It took an hour to cycle 26 miles and no fear.


Day 2 on Plan B – I need to have my car tonight after work.  I have to be in Hingham at 6pm and if I take the ferry and my bike I’m afraid I’ll be all stressed out about getting there. 
So I left my house early at 7 am and drove into Boston.  The traffic was bumper to bumper all the way in.  Why is everyone driving?  Maybe because the T hiked their fees and now it’s cheaper to drive and park in Boston than to take the public transport.
Plus the accident on 95 didn’t help the multitudes. 
I figured I get into work early, early, early and find a nice spot close to my building.  I found a spot 1 ½ miles from the building.  Not a bad walk on a nice day. But what about if it rains?
Tomorrow?  The Ferry again. 


BMW – bus, metro, walk $6.00 one way. 



  The commuter Boat was packed, standing room only. Did the MBTA cut the number of runs for the boat?  No. Then why so packed? 
 I stood for the 45 minutes it took to get from Hewitt's cove to Rowe's Wharf and gazed out the open door with the sea breeze and the smell of the dark murky green water, 
 sending me off into a hazy relaxed daydream.  
The views from the boat,  the homes in German Town, Quincy, the long rusty bridge to long island and the MWRA sewage treatment plant flooded me with memories.
  My friend Kat who grew up poor in German Town, an old boyfriend who would jump off the Long Island Bridge  into the water for fun and the memory of an old acqaintance who worked at the sewage plant.  Where are they now?
 This commute makes me feel like I'm living in Washington State or somewhere else and working at a new place.  

But today on my bike I almost got killed by some bastard!!! 

 I was waiting in a middle lane by the BCEC at a red light and this guy in a giant grey SUV gunned it when the light turned green.  He was in the "left only" lane,  but he kept on straight.  I didn't expect to feel the swoosh of his van so close to me and I swore at him. "I could have been killed."
Looking forward to the long ride home.  By the way, my legs are killing me.


Commuting by bike..
The Mayor says" the City of Boston is a world class biking city", - HA! Sure!  
If you rent those city bikes- and go from point A to point B and you don't mind drivers giving you the finger and trying to squeeze you off the road.  
  But try cycling in Dorchester.  Especially on Morrissey Blvd near U-Mass.  There's a bicycle lane that's about 2 feet long then it disappears into nothing. 
or how about when the "bike path" aka sidewalk breaks up into a crumbling old tar path mixed with sand and giant rocks.  You either have to go 40 mph and get through that patch with centrifugal force or use a mountain bike in the lowest gear. This spot is only for advanced riders.  
Don't cycle there unless you want to walk your bike or worse, get a nail in your tire.  


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  1. Nice blog! Making your own lunch would save you some serious bucks tho.....just sayin'