Thursday, May 8, 2014


  I stopped blogging because I stopped biking, I stopped biking because I broke my right ring finger.
 That was almost 2 years ago.

Holy smokes - where did that time go?
Did anyone notice i took a hiatus?
 I've totally stopped cycling to work,  I have some great excuses.
But the only excuse I use is:  the broken finger..
Everyone asks how did i break my finger? A bike?
No - it was a horse.
The horse was so excited to be going outside,  that while I was taking his lead rope off, he bolted, taking  my finger with him.
(I'm lucky it wasn't ripped off my hand.)
I thought my finger was just dislocated,  so  i snapped it back into place.   it made a weird squishy noise when i did that.
My finger continued to throb and hurt like hell, and i just needed something to protect it,  like a splint.
 So I went to the doc's just to get a finger splint and oops, it was broken. What's with that?
 The doctor said i did a good job putting it back in place but it will always be a bit crooked.
A bit crooked? Its so bent and crooked, it's like the witch's finger in Hanzel & Gretel.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I would like  to thank whoever put that ghost bike on Morrissey Blvd.
Not only is it in memory of Mr. Doan Bui who was killed on that road that Friday night, but it will  also be a reminder that people actually do commute by bikes.
 I hope the ghost bike stays there and no one steals it or the police take it down.
Bikers are everywhere,  and that not just motorcycle bikers but pedal bikers as well.
Share the road.

Thursday, September 20, 2012


A woman with a Doberman was walking down a tiny side street in Port Norfork. 
 I was riding behind her quietly on my stealth-like bike.
  I announced "behind you". 

She kept walking with the giant vicious looking dog on leash .
" Excuse me I'm behind you,  coming behind you".  

Still  no response.
" Excuse me, Woman with the dog, I'm coming behind"
She finally responded,   annoyed as hell of course, "I know I heard you."   (OMG, I thought, she is so flip) 
I said  to her still patient,  " I didn't want your dog to  attack me" as I pedaled passed her and her dog.
Still unreasonably annoyed at me, she said "it's not my dog".  
If I wasn't afraid of that dog and i wasn't such a nice person, I could have got into a tussle with her just from her attitude alone. 
Where's the kindness?  

And of course, that Port Rat was smoking a butt.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Go with your instincts when cycling in this hellish traffic.  If your thoughts are telling you "don't do it". Listen up.
 I started out for my ride home, the winds were 20 mph,  the flags were stiff,  my office mate said "don't cycle home, take the boat"  he adviced.
 But I was really looking forward to the long ride home, the challenge of cycling without getting hurt or killed,   The experience of facing those car driving jerks.  I was gun-ho for the cycle home. 
 I had my light bike, my Specialized, I was pumped.   
I headed South and then doubt filled mind,  "maybe I shouldn't, maybe not".
And  then a wind gust swept me up and wobbled my bike and I thought ". What would happen if I got a gust of wind in Weymouth?  I would be killed. 
 I took the boat. 
 Man vs. nature, nature always wins.  

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I've been away camping up to the Kangamangus Hgwy in NH.  Where I was:  Jigger Johnson Campsite, there was no electricity, no phone, no newspapers, no tv.
 I come back to find out two people died riding their bikes in Boston within 4 days of each other.
Mr. Doan Bui, 63 was killed on Morrissey Blvd.  That's my route.
And  a young woman in her 30s killed yesterday in Southie on A and West Broadway at 4 in afternoon by a truck.  God love her.  God love them both.
Someone please remind Mayor Menino that he has said we are a "World Class Bike City."  I don't think people die while riding bikes in world class bike cities.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I cycled to work monday morning.  That being yesterday.  I almost ripped my brakes off because I didn't use them once on the 26 mile ride in.  
That lady I "tapped" bumpers with in traffic ( See 9/6/12 blog: Will the Neponset River Bridge ever be finished?) filed an insurance claim against me and I pedaled to work with angry alacrity,  looking for her and her white jeep the whole way in.
 God is indeed good because if I had found her I would have thrown my bike at her perfect white Jeep and started a fist fight and pulled her hair. 

Lucky for her I didn't see her on the roads and more so, lucky for me. 
Anyway... so,  I cycled  at breakneck speed on anger energy, stopping for no one. I was riding on-sidewalks in Quincy,  I was passing buses on the outside, People were jumping out of my way,  traffic cops were holding back the traffic as I sped through the intersections.  My lungs were going to explode and I could taste blood in my mouth.  It was the best commute ever! 
By the the time I reached  D Street in Southie I was singing "smoke on the water" by Deep Purple.  

 If I could only have that energy every day.  

Thursday, September 6, 2012


I haven't been commuting by bike to work because:
   A: Its been raining or threatening to rain and I am a fair weather bike rider.  The guy in the cubicle next to me  bikes in rain, sleet, snow, hail and lightening.  He says he has to commute by bike, there's no other way, he lives around here.  He swears that all you need is a fender to go over the rear wheel so that mud and water don't splatter up on you.  He says "Get one of them and you can ride anytime"
  B: I can barely get out of bed in the morning.  My energy level is 1 and the thought of getting all my travelling gear ready is overwhelming right now.   I need a vacation.

I've been taking the car these last 2 days  and wondering why I'm driving to work.
 Its been an hour and 1/2 travel time because the traffic is ridiculous. bumper to bumper over the Neponset River Bridge, travelling 0 to 10 mph all the way in to town on the expressway.
Yesterday in that Neponset traffic, where by the way, the Staties are doing a terrific job of standing there.
 My car tapped the woman's bumper  in front of me,   I was trying to move up to get out of the way of the other drivers.  I didn't even know I tapped her car that's how light it was.
She got out of her Jeep, looking like a mental case and wanted  my insurance papers. I said "are you kidding? There's nothing there.  It was a tap."
"You hit me"
"It was a tap,"
  She was so angry, she took a picture of me with her cell phone.  I told her she was crazy and she said "No you are" but I got the last word in with "No, you are."  She got back in her car.
Then i had to drive behind her for the next 45 minutes all the way over the bridge. Cringing.

This morning I thought I would get a lucky break on a closer parking spot.
 There is a section of free parking next to my office building but the parking becomes legal starting at 9:30 am.  So most days people park there and sit in their cars waiting until 9:30.  This morning it was wide open,  plenty of parking.
It was 9:15 and the meter matron was there.  Standing just across the street waiting with her ticket book and pen in hand. There were about 5 or 6 cars already parked and they all had those orange neon parking tickets stuck in their windshields.  Bummer for them.   I hear a ticket around here is $75. a whack. That's more than 1/2 month's parking.
So I ended up at the usual mile and 1/2 down the road which took me 15 minutes to walk and so I was 1/2 hour late. That's better than yesterday, I was an hour late.
 Biking is better than driving.  Maybe tomorrow i'll have the energy to bike it.

Here's my bikes at home, getting dusty but not rusty because I keep them in my house.